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The interview between The Creative Pivots’ Heather B and Cathy King an organizer that takes sustainability knowledge one step further by working with her organizing clients to find sustainable processes to manage their clutter and can be used to stay that way even after she is gone. Cathy gives women the grace to face their clutter and the sustainable processes to enjoy their lives with it. 


"Cathy came to my house today for three hours to help us organize our garage. She got more done in 3 hours than we could’ve done in 3 Saturdays. She saved us time and money. I was skeptical about hiring a professional organizer but Cathy has completely changed my opinion on that. Booking with her was easy and I appreciated that she came to my house first to do a consult and discuss the project. She was a pleasure to work with and we will be hiring her again."

Ruth D.

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