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Meet Cathy
Sustainability Expert and Professional Organizer


Why I started

I decided when the pandemic started in 2020 that now was the time to implement the vote for me.  I felt like I had been thinking about my own business for such a long time and felt like I was going to run out of time to help women feel control and a sense of peace in their environment.  When I turned 50, I completed my MBA in Sustainability and knew that I needed to start making changes.  So as I turn 60 in 2022, I want to own and manage a business that I can be proud of, that can help as many people as possible make great environmental decisions without feeling they are just not doing enough of the right things.

What I did before this

I worked for 30+ years as a corporate finance executive managing teams around the world.  I traveled all over the world helping teams implement and manage their businesses and teams.  I have worked and experienced all levels of business transitions:  Downsizing, upsizing, rightsizing, outsourcing, closing, and consolidating.  All of these transitions, while business oriented, are not dissimilar to what happens in our households.  I managed and worked with teams in manufacturing, IT and finance to achieve business goals and financial success.  

What my credentials mean

NAPO certified business – National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals 
This means that me and my business follow the NAPO code of compliance which includes serving my clients with integrity, competence, and objectivity, and will treat them with respect and courtesy.  

Northeastern MBS in Sustainability – I will seek the best environmental solutions where possible for organizing and consulting with clients.  

What I hope to provide the people I help

I hope to provide them with a sense of peace within their homes and environments as they face their many transitions.  To leave them with tools that will help them not only maintain their environments but improve them.  I want to encourage healthy behavior and functioning that will enable a healthier and positive environment.  I hope to find time in schedules that will allow my clients to spend more time on enjoyment and less time on organizing and fighting with “stuff”

I believe businesses and individuals can all make incremental changes towards making their environments more sustainable, without adding to their stress.

Home organization that is functional, beautiful and sustainable for all women


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